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Traditional education does not teach you what is arguably the most important skill for living a good life: How to make money online.

THE REAL WORLD is here to fix that. We will teach you everything you need to become a money-making machine, and escape the matrix.

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1) Cash Flow Generation

Saving is bullshit, earning is king.
Inside these campuses you will learn to make money while making money.

Content Creation

There are websites more valuable than skyscrapers. Videos more expensive than houses. We will teach you how to produce and sell valuable digital assets.

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Master the art of selling with words. Get easy-to-follow lessons on how to become an expert copywriter and build a list of lucrative clients.

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Social Media

Mindlessly scrolling? Do this instead: Our students use a step-by-step process to gain attention and earn 6 figures.

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Make money selling products online. Industry experts will show you how to choose profitable products, design the ideal store, and drive traffic to your offer.

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2) Income Multiplication

After you’ve established an income source,
We start teaching you how to multiply your profits through investments.


Profit from the world’s highest-performing assets. We’ll focus on attacking crypto markets from 3 angles: Long-term, medium-term, and short-term.

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Multiply your capital through traditional markets. Whether long-term investing or short-term trading we will teach you how to properly execute them.

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Crypto DeFi

Start collecting money from the sky. Leverage advanced on-chain skills to maximize your profits inside the crypto world.

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Crypto Trading

Stop gambling in the crypto casino. Instead, we will teach you to build systems that will allow you to multiply your money consistently.

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3) Scale Your Business

Finally, we will constantly support you on you journey to become richer, healthier, more disciplined, and a significantly improved version of yourself overall.

Business & Finance

Learn the essentials of business. We’ll teach you every skill that tomorrow’s ultra-successful entrepreneurs will require.

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Fitness & Health

A strong body is a strong mind. fitness big part of becoming the best version of yourself and you’ll learn how to become and stay healthy, strong, and resistance

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Main Campus

This is the place where your journey begins. Your first lessons, exclusive opportunities, and messages from Andrew Tate himself are waiting for you.

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Secret Campuses

Certain places you have to earn to be a part of. Your activity, progress and real world results will gain you access to the most exclusive rooms.

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Every campus inside THE REAL WORLD operates purely based on results.

If a method is out dated? Doesn’t work any more? It gets removed or updated to ensure our students ALWAYS learn the most relevant content.

Are you ready to escape the matrix?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you join The Real World, you can do a custom quiz that will recommend the best campus tailored to your current situation and goals.

Note: You can always change campuses at any time.


The Copywriting, Client Acquisition, and Content Creation Campus require $0.00 to get started.

However, for campuses like the Crypto & Stocks Campus, we recommend that you have some capital to start.

Yes, you get access to all of our courses and campuses, not just one.

Inside THE REAL WORLD’s campuses and courses you can learn the following:

– Content Creation & Ai
– E-Commerce
– Social Media & Client Acquisition
– Copywriting
– Business & Finance
– Crypto Investing & Trading
– Airdrop Farming
– Health & Fitness
– Stock Trading
– And More..

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